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Monday, July 11, 2005

Feng Shui for Academic Success

Feng Shui for Academic Success : HindustanTimes.com: "Feng Shui for Academic Success

Mohan Deep
Mumbai, July 11, 2005

I have two instances that go into four years in the past, in front of me: In one, the parents included the sketches of Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha and Albert Einstein as the interior of a student's room. The windows were curtained to avoid distraction. The desk was in such a position that the child had his back to the door to avoid distraction and so that the mom could periodically keep an eye on the child.

In the other one - in consultation with me - the study desk and the child's bed was placed as per Feng Shui principles, the colors were in harmony with the child's element and the room was airy and bright. The frames / laminations on the walls were a blend of Superman, Archies, my own `the Peak` and (since the child wants to be a pilot when he grows up) a flying aircraft.

And he had a talisman I had suggested to him in his pocket during all the tests. (I will write about this talisman soon and will make it commercially available on this site.)

The first one who had Albert Einstein and others on the wall (not to forget a list of 20 inspiring quotes) has tired of studies and the parents were worried about his tantrums. The second one has steadily progressed and is among the top rankers in his class. Besides excelling in studies he is a rounded, happy personality.

I have often had parents approaching me for Feng Shui help with requests like, "My son is brilliant but he cannot concentrate. His attention span is limited." Or "Though my daughter works very hard the luck is not in her favor." Or "My son missed the rank by one mark."

And more frequently, the parents complain that the children are glued to TV sets. Even a recent study has shown that TV in a child's room adversely affects the academic performance. How does Feng Shui look at TV in the child's room? TV is a big no-no whether in the children's room or in your own bedrooms! TV emits Yang energy that can easily destroy the Yin, required for rest or concentration. The focus of a student shifts because of TV.

The same study advocates the presence of computer in the child's room. I too support it though a net connection in child's room - or for that matter in any bedroom - is like the presence of a third person, a diversion in the life of a child (or a couple). Internet too is a no-no.

If you want the children to be successful in school, make the room study friendly. Bring Feng Shui in the child's room. The bed alignment is as important as the placement of the desk. The right Feng Shui can motivate an average child into successfully participating and winning the race, and an unbalanced Feng Shui can destroy the career of a brilliant child.

It is important that the student sits facing his Sheng Chi (Success direction), which is not the same for everyone. Besides, his work desk must be in the Knowledge sector of the home. This too is not as easy as it sounds. What if there is a toilet in this location? What if the Knowledge corner is incomplete or totally absent? It is unfair to blame a student for not faring well when there are Feng Shui flaws in his surroundings. It is much worse to pressurize him to score when the Earth luck is against him.

Feng Shui can be an effective tool to enhance the performance of the students, to trigger their luck in education and career sectors. But, consulting a Feng Shui Master a week before the examination and expecting a miracle is stretching it too far. If you want to consult the Master, do it now but not necessarily for the examination the next week!

The best thing is to get the Feng Shui right and then patiently wait for the results. And if you want the talisman you will have to wait.

(Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep, one of the top Feng Shui consultants in the world, is based in Mumbai, India. For more information you may visit http://www.fengshuimiracle.com or write to him at md@mohandeep.com.

Office: 91-22-56997992. Fax: 91-22-26350503 Cell: 9820199378. Address: 222 Shantivan, New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400053.)"

Ace all of lifes exams with Feng Shui!

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Feng Shui Done Fast?

Fast Feng Shui Blog: "The Nine Principles of Fast Feng Shui

We have just added a new section in our website that describes the Nine Principles of Fast Feng Shui, excerpted from the Fast Feng Shui book by Stephanie Rboerts. These all-important principles provide you with a step-by-step method of applying feng shui to your space. As Stephanie explains it:
'Fast Feng Shui closely duplicates the steps I follow in a consultation: analyzing the layout of the home, diagnosing problems, and prescribing appropriate adjustments… It covers a wide range of typical feng shui situations in a practical sequence that makes it easy for you to focus your efforts on the areas of your home that will have the most direct impact on your key issues.'
To learn the 9 principles (or to refresh your memory if you've already read the book), check them out here."


Sam, Feng Shui Tips

There Go My Dinner Plans - Food and Feng Shui

Food and Feng Shui: "Food and Feng Shui
By Jakob Jelling

Feng shui has a great impact on the food we eat. Feng shui, the food we eat and ourselves are interrelated and influence each other. Chi and our life balance are highly influenced by food, starting on how it was harvested and produced, going through how we cook it and the environment and mood in which we eat it.

Chi or positive energy flows in food as well as in everything else, and its quality depends a lot on the way we cook it. Actually, eating has direct relation with energy flowing, since it is the way we receive energy and it becomes part of us. Therefore, the source of that energy, which is food, should be handled very carefully.

Harmony and balance is an important aspect of the relationship between food and feng shui. It is important that we eat balanced food, which consists in variety and balance of colors. Feng shui recommends that a dish should contain different colors which are in harmony with each other. You should try to use as many different colors as possible in one same dish at the same time as they should combine and look good together.

You should also achieve a yin and yan balance in your food which is done through the balance of flavors. A feng shui and yin yan harmonic dish would contain strong flavors as well as delicate ones balanced through the use of different colors. There should not be one strong element predominating too much over the others. The food, the colors and the smells should all be in balance.

It is also important to pay attention to the food smells as well. You should like the smell of your food and it should be appealing to you. Every sense which is part of the eating process should be paid attention to and in balance with the dish as a unity. All the process, through which food goes, from where they are originated to when we eat it, is very important and should be followed carefully.

About The Author

Jakob Jelling is the founder of http://www.fengshuicrazy.com. Please visit his website and learn all the feng shui tips you'll ever need!

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