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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Feng Shui Design Tips For the Knowledge/Self-Cultivation Area

Feng Shui Design Tips: "Design Tips For the Knowledge/Self-Cultivation Area

This section of the BaGua might very well be where your front door is located since it is on the left side when you enter your home or office (refer to diagram above for exact location on BaGua). Although the Knowledge area seems less exciting than your Wealth or Fame area, it is naturally important since your career and everything you do in life is influenced by the knowledge you have acquired. If you have children in school or are applying to college, then you definitely need enhancements here. One mother placed a Feng Shui crystal over a desk in the Knowledge area to ensure that her son got into the college of his choice. The Knowledge area of the BaGua is associated with the Earth element, which is characterized by a solidness and stillness and the colors black, blue and green. It is appropriate to have bookcases, papers, files and anything else that enhances your knowledge in this section of your home or office. If this area is in disarray, you may not be handling things in your life very well. Clutter in any area of the BaGua can cause blockages or problems with the corresponding area of your work or home life."

Feng Shui Design Tips for the Children/Completion Area

Feng Shui Design Tips: "Design Tips for the Children/Completion Area

This section of the BaGua is found in the right center of your floor plan. You can apply the BaGua to your home or office. In my home, this is my living room. In your case, this area may be a bedroom or some other room. The Children’s section of the BaGua is especially appropriate at this time of year, since it is about completion and the future. How many projects, both business and personal, have you started this year and not finished? If this sounds familiar to you, then you should take a look at this area of your home or office. Clear out any clutter and organize whatever needs to be organized. Free the energy in your space and in your life.

Our children are often our hope for the future, but even if you don’t have children you can use this area to help activate your New Year’s resolutions. The color associated with this section if white. Use white or metal design elements. Hang a Feng Shui Crystal here to activate and harmonize whatever energy you want to attract into your life for the New Year."

Feng Shui Design Tips for the Wealth Area

Feng Shui Design Tips: "Design Tips for the Wealth Area

For many of my clients, their first question is: Where’s my wealth corner? This section of the bagua is always in the far left corner of your home or office. Many of the cures that we apply to your home are also appropriate in your office. First of all, be open to receiving whatever comes your way. One of the primary qualities of this area is receptivity. The flow of water from a tabletop fountain, or a fish tank, can produce a flow of money into your life. My neighborhood nail salon has two fish tanks filled with beautifully colored fish. A Chinese wind chime and fish tank are placed in the wealth corner of the store. The other fish tank protects the entrance. The steady stream of customers, in and out of the store, indicates that the fish tanks enhance and even help create a positive energy flow within the salon. Crystals, mirrors, bamboo and green plants, Chinese coins and a classic Feng Shui cure - the Chan chu or Money Frog are appropriate cures. Hang a 40mm crystal from the ceiling, like Joe (one of our clients). He landed a better paying job right after he placed a crystal in his wealth corner.

Many MJG DESIGNS clients have already used some basic feng shui cures and are looking for new ideas. Aromatherapy products like Sacred Scents MONEY Soap and Money Oil , or Prosperity Spray , or our Wealth Incense will energize your wealth corner when used daily. Wearing a Wealth Bracelet or Chinese Coin Pendant are new ways to use Feng Shui Cures in your daily life. Wear your Feng Shui Jewelry as a good luck charm whenever you are seeing an important client. The best colors for your wealth corner are purple and red. A recent client said her daughter plans to paint her bedroom purple since that is the color of the wealth corner and she wants to make more money. Include these colors in your design choices and accents.

Finally, don’t forget about your Career and Benefactor areas. Remember that everything in your home and in your life is interconnected."

Feng Shui Design Tips for the Benefactors Area

Feng Shui Design Tips: "Design Tips for the Benefactors Area

Everyone wants more helpful people in their personal and professional life. The right contacts can make the difference between finding a job instantly and searching the help wanted ads for months. The Benefactor/Travel area can have other effects on your life as well. It is located in the front right area of your office or home. A good Feng Shui cure to start with is our NEW Helpful People Feng Shui Incense.

Barbara, a Feng Shui client, had an office that hadn't been cleaned in months. Her front door was in the Benefactor area. After I left her office, she straightened up and placed a mirror in the Benefactor area. The following week I received a call from Barbara. She was elated as she told me about winning a Free trip to California after buying a raffle ticket at a luncheon. She excitedly said : ' I've never won anything in my life before.' The ch'i was activated in Barbara's Benefactor/Travel area. Fortunately she also got a large order from a customer and was happy with the effect on her business as well.

Feng Shui cures for the Benefactor area include: mirrors, pictures, feng shui crystals , plants and any other enhancement you can think of. The color most closely associated with this area of the BaGua is grey. Use this color in design elements or paint the walls grey. "

Feng Shui Design Tips for the Career Section

Feng Shui Design Tips: "Design Tips for the Career Section

The majority of my feng shui clients whether they are looking for a new job, a promotion or new business contacts, request career changes as one of their primary goals. Money is a concern of many people these days. When someone says to me 'Where is my wealth corner?', my response is: Changing your career area in your home or office, will enhance your wealth. The end result of energizing your career is likely to be a new job offer or a promotion.

The career area of the bagua is always in the front center of your home or office. If your front door is in the center then it is in the career area. The diagram above illustrates the placement of the career gua.

The career gua is associated with the water element and the color black in Chinese Five Element Theory so many of the recommended feng shui cures include water. Appropriate cures to enhance your career, include: Feng Shui Crystals, mirrors, an indoor water fountain, a fish tank, and black design elements. Don't forget - a metal windchime placed over your kitchen stove activates your career as well. If you like incense use Feng Shui Career incense in your home or office. Read our Testimonials for some examples of recent client's feng shui career cures. "

Feng Shui Design Tips for the Family/New Beginnings Section

Feng Shui Design Tips: "Design Tips for the Family/New Beginnings Section

The Family/New Beginnings section of the BaGua is located in the center left area of your home or office floor plan.

Placing family photos and green plants in this area will bring more harmony into your family life, because these objects represent growth. When starting a new business venture, a new job, or if you want to make a fresh start in your life, run a table top water fountain here. "

Feng Shui Design Tips for the Fame/Reputation Area

Feng Shui Design Tips: "Design Tips for the Fame/Reputation Area

The most powerful cures for this section of the BaGua are red! Red, a very auspicious color in Chinese culture, is also the color of the fire element. To give a boost to your reputation at work, hang a red crystal from the ceiling of your home or office in the far center portion of the space. The right Feng Shui cure can help you get that job promotion, greater recognition at work, or a raise! Other cures include Fame incense , red flowers and red candles. A floral designer keeps a fresh bouquet of red roses in her reputation area to ensure a steady stream of work. "

Feng Shui Design Tips For the Marriage/Relationship Area

Feng Shui Design Tips: "Design Tips For the Marriage/Relationship Area

Your Marriage/Relationship/Partnership area is always in the far right corner of your home or office. Here are some ways to energize, transform, and attract new relationships:

Fresh flowers - Especially pink ones (the color pink is most closely associated with this area of the BaGua.) Crystal Balls - Hang a pink one in the right hand corner of your home and your bedroom to harmonize the ch'i in your relationship. Feng Shui crystals can also be used in offices. Mirrors - Round mirrors are best in a bedroom and/or over your bed to create a harmonious relationship. Wedding Photos - Place them in the relationship area of your home and in the relationship area of your bedroom. Aromatherapy Fragrances - To spice up your love life, spray Aphrodisia , from Sacred Scents™ in your bedroom and on your body, burn a Seduction Candle , Sensuality Incense , use our Love Oil in a bath, or burn Love Incense.

For wedding ceremonies, gifts, or as a feng shui cure, wear our Marriage Charm Bracelet� & Earrings� - Wear daily to attract a mate or strengthen your marriage. Try our Double Happiness envelopes, or Double Happiness stickers . The Brass Double Happiness Wall Hanging looks great in your home or in a wedding celebration."